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Ledigma Ltd. is a young spin-off high tech company, established by scientists and researchers having huge experience in the solid-state lighting and R&D. The main scope of the company is to commercialize new technologies and experience in the field of smart solid-state lighting, UV sensing (partner with Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc., USA) and measurements technologies (official Labsphere Inc., USA partner). Ledigma Ltd. acts as a manufacturer (OEM also), consultant and R&D partner at the present fields of interest.
Ledigma Ltd. Team of lighting professionals working with modern light- emitting diodes (LEDs) develops and optimizes the illumination spectra for the certain object or scene. Our employed lighting technology, being patented by Vilnius University (Lithuanian patent No. 5913, 2013, PCT application pending) allows us to control and manage two very important parameters of the illumination, colour temperature and colour saturation factor (colour gamut area). The flexibility of colour temperature allows getting the illumination from firelight (1800 K) up to daylight or even starlight (>10000 K). The colour saturation management enables one to shrink or expand the colour gamut area. In other words by means of wireless colour parameter control one can create sunrise, daylight, sunset of starlight atmosphere by pressing single button on smartphone or other device having web browser and Wifi connectivity. If the naturalness of the illumination is desired the colour rendering index (CRI) can be maintained at the values of 95 and more.
Ledigma Ltd. focuses on illumination of art- works, jewellery, textiles and gobelin tapestry. By optimization of colour rendering parameters the photochemical damage to the sensitive objects is reduced and the colour expressivity increased. Our technology allows us to have the gamut area of rendered colours increased significantly with decreased photochemical damage index by up to 30% in comparison to traditional incandescent lamps. Combination of colour rendition control algorithms with presence and illumination sensors, and other intelligent control systems allows one to achieve energy saving as well as conservation of exhibits. You can see an example of colourful painting. By different illumination one can achieve different aesthetical effects on the same exhibit. To experience this you do not need digital photography management software you can try this in real time with real scenes.
Ledigma Ltd. was established in 2012 with the support of Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA).
Ledigma Ltd. also can offer you: Smart street lighting systems; Services of characterization and optimization of light sources; Applications of Deep UV LEDs; Development of light source investigation setups and techniques; Other illumination solutions with adjustable colour parameters; Consultations about smart solid state illumination systems.

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Contact information:
Justinas Baužys, , +370 600 34 126
Dr. Pranciškus Vitta, R&D,

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UAB Fotonija is a cohesive team of like-minded people, which successfully implements the Lithuanian language in various computer environments. This work is consistently pursued since 1991.

The creative potential of the company is due to the employees of Vilnius University.
The company produces advanced computer dictionaries, it creates semantic, terminological and ontological databases, accumulates Lithuanian linguistic resources. In recent years the company produced effective computational linguistic tools for Lithuanian language: morphological analyzers, spelling and grammar checkers, word stemmers. UAB Fotonija constructs statistical models of Lithuanian language and carries experiments in the field of machine translation. The company produces the effective indexing and semantic search tools for Lithuanian texts.

The vision of the company is to be the best helping hand for creation of a comfortable Lithuanian space in each computer.

The mission of the company is to meet the consumer needs professionally while spreading Lithuanian in electronic media.


L. Giros st. 4 -34, LT-06325 Vilnius
General director Arunas Samuilis, Ph.D.
Phone: +370 618 11 499

Sales director Jonas Vaiciulis
Phone: +370 618 28 942


Application area - light emitting diode (LED) lighting for plant production in controlled environments.


  • Memory saving
  • The recipe Loading and Saving
  • Frequency conversion
  • Lighting time setting
  • Light intensity setting

Lighting unit have easy replaceable LED or OLED function that allows to make up exactly the necessary lighting components. LEDs can be attached to a solid metal plate or screw mounted in the lighting module slots:

LED bulbs: The near IR | Deep red | Red | Deep blue | The near UV

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